Roller Spattering

Posted on August 29th, 2016

Roller spattering occurs when a roller throws off small droplets of paint during application.
What Causes Roller Spattering?

  • Overloading the roller or overworking the paint once it is applied
  • Rolling too quickly
  • Using the incorrect roller nap
  • When an exterior paint is used on an interior surface
  • The use of low grade latex paint

How to Prevent Roller Spattering

  • Use higher-quality paints which are formulated to minimize spattering. Benjamin Moore’s Aura® is engineered to provide the ultimate in application as well as performance.
  • Using high quality rollers that have proper resiliency can further reduce spattering.  Our retail experts can help you find the right roller and nap for the product and substrate.
  • In some cases, high quality wall paint may be preferred for ceiling work, to ensure maximum spattering resistance.



Work in 3 foot square sections, applying the paint in a zigzag “M” or “W” pattern while filling in the pattern as the roller moves across the surface. This will also lessen the likelihood of spattering.